Battery Solar Power

battery solar power

What can i use to power an air pump with no electricity outlets near by?

I need to run an air pump where there is no electricity from an outlet available… what can i use to power a simple fish tank air pump for about 2 months? a car battery? solar power? ect… and how do i set these systems up?

I’ve found your solution! ON e-bay they have a battery powered air pump it uses 2 D-cell batteries. they probably won’t last for two month’s though. Also, I think many air pumps use a “wall wart”. that is a voltage reducing transformer that looks like a little box which plugs right into your outlet. So the actual voltage going to the pump may only be 6 volts or 12. if you look at the wall wart it will tell you the input voltage and output voltage. just remove the box and feed the appropriate battery voltage directly to the pump.

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