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Renewable Energy – Solar Energy – Solar Electricity – Electricity – Solar Electricity Handbook:

Are you annoyed with high priced annual electricity invoices?


Renewable Energy: The Ultimate Solar Power Handbook for Consumers – Electricity – Alternative Energy – Natural Resources – Green Energy – Electricity – Home Crafts – Energy – Reference – Nonfiction

Renewable Energy – Green Energy – Electricity – Solar Power Handbook:

Are you fed up with expensive yearly electricity bills?


Alternative Energy Cost

alternative energy cost

Looking for alternative energy sources comparison?

is there a website you know that might provide that ?

i need to make a table of comparison of the most known alternative energy sources .. comparing their effeciencies, sizes (MW) , cost and stuff like that in numbers

would appreciate ur help .. thnx

Well, no actually. To get true cost comaprisons you have to go to a number of sites, recognising that each of them has their own particular perspective, and do the maths for yourself. For example, the Nuclear Energy Authority comapred with the data provided by Greenpeace.

It is a thankless task and any data provided will be challenged by one side or another.


Searaser – Wave Power


Alternative Energy Conference

alternative energy conference

Does the Star Trek Warp Drive break down the molecules of Time?

This was the theory of a man I worked with 10 years ago. I laughed: just SF technobabble.

A week later, the same man killed himself. He had so few close friends, or none, that his body wasn’t discovered until the scent of decay reached the noses of his neighbours.

So, as alternative questions:

Does it really matter what we believe in?
Is there not something more important?

No, time is just the passing events, there are no molecules needed to sustain it. If you can find chronoparticles then please help me find the graviton particle.

As determined in one of the later episodes of Star Trek the Next Generation (STNG), it is subspace that is suffering damage from the over use of Warp fields. This was discovered by a brother and sister team and the brother died because of it in an attempt to prove his point. After this conference held on the USS Enterprise D it was decided to limit all starships to Warp 5 except under a Star Fleet authorized emergency. Star Fleet encouraged the Romulians and Klingons to make similar directives. The Klingons probably agreed, the Romulians might not, since they don’t trust anyone. And no this isn’t technobable, it may have been to the cast and film crew, but it was not to the show’s creators. The writers often put in the words technobable or technospeak in the rough draft of the scripts, but the science that was in the final script was real.

It made sense to the hard-core fans, like me as well. Very, rarely did I not understand what they were talking about. I remember in the first episode of Star Trek Voyager the engineer was talking with the Captain about the strength of the antimatter containment force field (this force field needs to hold in a power comparable to or greater than a thermonuclear explosion. The show’s creators must have missed a few decimal points because the field strength they mentioned was weaker than that of an aluminum can. A lot of people complained about that, but they made similar errors in the show. Like having people sleep walk during suspended animation. Suspended Animation is not like a deep sleep it is more like a frozen state or a state where the molecular movement is suspended (or slowed) so there is almost no feeling of the passage of time.

I do not pretend to understand all of Warp Theory; I am not a Zephrain Cochran. I do know that the antimatter reaction creates a vast amount of energy that is further modified by the Dilithium crystals. The energy is then sent to the Warp Reactor, which creates a modification of subspace, that produces a bubble of space time, that allows the starship to surf along the bubble’s edge and so travel faster then light. The ship itself doesn’t travel faster than life, just the bubble holding it. There is also a negative time element involved, but I am not sure exactly how. However, it is well known that if Warp 9.9 is exceeded too near to a large gravitational mass, like a sun then time travel is possible, up to the point where that large mass remains in existence (so you cannot go back in time to see the Big Bang).

I am sorry to hear about the death of your former college. Loneliness breeds depression and that can often lead to suicide.

Yes, it matters what we believe in a great deal! Every believer in a religion with a fundamental faith cares a great deal about what they believe. People like me put our faith in science, with a living and evolving knowledge. Last month a source of Dark Matter was discovered, until that point it was still a highly disputed theory. Our understanding of the Universe has reached a better level because of this. Now I am reading about new astronomical discoveries that put the age of the entire Universe into question.

Once I am dead this knowledge won’t mean anything to me, but it will mean a lot to those who come after me, and those that come after them. I hope that at some point we can realize the ideals of Star Trek and develop a method to travel to the stars. We are all a reflection of the knowledge gained by our ancestors. I would make a poor hunter gather, but thanks to my ancestors and my parents I don’t have to, instead I “hunt” by going to work and I gather my food at the supermarket. There is NOTHING more important than the hard won knowledge of our ancestors. Cave Men probably knew a 100 ways to not make fire, but they finally learned how to do it and that was the first tool that let mankind rise above his evolution, by modifying man’s environment to suit him.

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