Renewable Energy: The Ultimate Solar Power Handbook for Consumers – Alternative Energy – Electricity – Green Energy – Electricity – Natural Resources – Home Crafts – Nonfiction – Reference

Renewable Energy – Solar Energy – Solar Electricity – Electricity – Solar Electricity Handbook:

Are you annoyed with high priced annual electricity invoices?


Renewable Energy: The Ultimate Solar Power Handbook for Consumers – Electricity – Alternative Energy – Natural Resources – Green Energy – Electricity – Home Crafts – Energy – Reference – Nonfiction

Renewable Energy – Green Energy – Electricity – Solar Power Handbook:

Are you fed up with expensive yearly electricity bills?


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cheap solar energy

Why arent more alternative energy methods being used?

When I was in Arizona, there was a whole field where huge solar panals collected sun energy. Why arent more ideas like that being used? Think of all the southern states that recieve plenty of sunshine for solar energy. Think of all the mountainous areas and flats that would be great for wind power. Why should money be an issue when it would more than pay for itself in the long run?

Solar panels are expensive and don’t work in the night or when there’s no sun so they arent really reliable. People think they’re a waste of money. and wind turbines arent reliable either. there isnt always enough wind to power a turbine. And wind turbines dont pay for themselves in the long run. More energy is wasted in putting one up than it can produce in it’s whole ‘lifetime’. I agree we should use more renewable energy though. They need to be cheaper for local use.
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What is a good name for a solar energy company?

This company has basically just fallen into my lap, but it needs a name. It is a solar energy company that uses UV rays. So, you can get solar energy even on a cloudy day! 😀 Your help is greatly appreciated!

You need a name that conveys the attributes of your company. Something that lets potential customers know that they’re wasting their money on “feel-good” environmentalism if they buy your product.
Solar is expensive, inconvenient, unreliable and worse – on a per kilowatt hour basis, it has a larger environmental footprint than conventional sources of electricity. The chemical processes used to make solar panels create wastes that never degrade and are a potential danger forever.
Why don’t you call it “Wish Upon a Star.” It’s a fairy tale.

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