Solar Energy Iphone

Solar Energy Iphone

Can artifcial light, like say a flashlight, be used to charge a small solar battery?

I did some research online and found that solar panels can get some charge from an artificial light source but how long would this take? I’m going camping soon and am looking for a good portable charger to take with me, whether solar or crank, and am trying to decide which would be best to purchase to charge an iPhone 4 and an mp3 player and maybe a Nintendo DS.

Like the others have said… yes. But there is no such thing as a free lunch.

So you’d end up wasting a lot of extra energy from the artificial light source to charge up that battery. Best use a hand crank as the other answer put it. Or better yet, plan ahead and put the solar battery out in the sol (sun) ahead of time to charge it up to full capacity.

I have an iPhone recharger hanging out of the cigarette lighter socket in my car. A car I can drive to any camp site. Works like a charm. You can get one at any Apple Store.

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