Solar Energy Lebanon

Solar Energy Lebanon

What type of house should be built in Zahle, Lebanon?

What are the roof, floor, walls and windows like in a traditional Lebanese house? Which direction should my house face? Will the house generate any of it’s own energy? What electrical appliances are used if I had a house in Zahle? How can I keep this house cool in summer and warm in winter without using too much energy? Thanks so much, I don’t know much about Zahle but I would love to stay there for a while!

P.S. How can I make a traditional Lebanese house that is eco-friendly?
Please roughly or thoroughly (if possible) ALL the questions? I really do appreciate all of your help! Merci kteer!
Okay, all i know is that Zahle is a pretty dry location and that the weather is quite extreme (really cold at night and in the winter and really warm in the summer and during the day).

A traditional country house would look so great
Zahle is a town in the mountains afterall..
It snows in the winter and snow would look so nice on a red roof !

to make it ecofriendly :^)
umm u can get ecofriendly appliances .. deodorants and detergents w/o CFCs

Plant some trees around the house

oh for the house.. u can put some solar power heater/solar lamps .. but its not always sunny

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