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Couldn’t putting small, eco-friendly dams in rivers produce power in a clean, cheap way?

I’ve posted a similar quesiton in “news & events” –
Couldn’t a series of small dams with turbines in them produce energy? The power could be controlled by adjusting the number of turbines activated?

As the guys above say, dams are likely to have a major adverse effect on the environment. Migrating fish can’t get past them, and they disrupt necessary flows of sediment. But you can do this without dams. The most environmentally friendly way to do it is diverting a part of a falling river, without dams. It’s called “small scale hydro” or “micro hydro”.

It won’t solve all our energy problems but it can help. In some cases it can power a remote house where running power lines would be expensive and solar is not an option.

Here’s a site with lots of information, links, and a forum where people discuss it.

You can Google “small scale hydro” for even more information.

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