Solar Power Nokia

Solar Power Nokia

Will this solar charger charge iPhone 4S?

I have a small solar panel I got for free from Total Ethiopia. They gave it to me with a rechargable lamp. The panel has an output of*
* Pmax – 1.3w
* Imp – 236mA
* Vmp – 5.5V

The panel has different adapters to charge different phone. It charges all phones in my house (Nokia X2, Nokia 1200, Samsung Galaxy S and S II and Nokia 6300.) but i have an iPhone and there is no adapter for it. The Iphone charger output reads 5v–__1A. What modification can i do? Will it charge my iphone?

I have a small solar charger as well. Mine doesn’t charge iPhones for more than 10 minutes unless it is in the sun and fully charged before being plugged in. Even then it only lasts for a few more minutes. I phones just use to much power for a small unit. I couldn’t find any charge and current information on the charger so sorry I can’t give an exact answer for that.

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