Solar Power Turtle

Solar Power Turtle

What species will inherit the earth and continue to evolve after most have died from global warming effects?

Which species will be fit enough to survive and what will be the next species to reach the intelligence level of modern humans? How long do you think that will take? What will it look like? Do you think bands of humans will find a way to survive on earth, die out completely, or do you think we will all branch out into space somewhere?

Well if the whole planet is hot and there is no coldish spots, cocker rouches come to mind. There is bacteria that lives on volcanoes deep in the ocean, they survive extremely high temps. I think they would be the last to go. As far as intelligence I have a theory that maybe the radiation from the sun made humans so smart, if you take a virus and expose it the the radiation of space just outside our atmosphere it mutates about 120 times faster than normal. By the northern lights the radiation from the sun seeps through our atmosphere the most. So I would say whatever is living at the north pole. What animal would be living there after global warming? I would guess birds, iguanas, turtles.

Perhaps some will go to space and centuries after they colonize a planet earth will be some myth, some may dig deep into the earth lose there sight like many cave animals. If global warming makes it so there is like lava flowing everywhere, then we would have to dig deep into the earth. I bet we could colonize the moon right now, with solar power we have endless energy , and the ice on the bottom of the moon could be used to make oxygen and grow crops. We could have robots harvest the ice for us. Beyond the moon a livable planet like earth is beyond our capabilities to reach, if one even exists. In a 100 years this may all change but as of right now colonizing the moon or digging deep into the earth would make the most sense to me. And if we dug under ground we could use geo thermal heat from the surface to power everything we need or like iceland use geo thermal power from within the earth.

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