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Solar panels on mars equals better power output?

I figured mars would have no electromagnetic field to protect it from the harmful radiations of the sun. So does that mean solar power is much better on mars then on earth?

No Mars has lower solar irradiance than Earth does even with a thinner atmosphere.
Mars (715 W/m^2) vs Earth (1413 W/m^2)

NOTE: these are *not* terrestrial, but orbit values !!

For Earth, “the total amount of energy received at ground level from the sun at the zenith is 1004 watts per square meter, which is composed of 527 watts of infrared radiation, 445 watts of visible light, and 32 watts of ultraviolet radiation. At the top of the atmosphere sunlight is about 30% more intense, with more than three times the fraction of ultraviolet (UV), with most of the extra UV consisting of biologically-damaging shortwave ultraviolet.”

“Sunlight on Mars would be more or less like daylight on Earth wearing sunglasses, and as can be seen in the pictures taken by the rovers, there is enough diffuse sky radiation that shadows would not seem particularly dark. Thus it would give perceptions and “feel” very much like Earth daylight.”

Please refer to the chart here:

It is due to the distance away which is related to the energy received.

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