Your Questions About Green Energy News

Your Questions About Green Energy News

What is a good research question on the topic of green vehicles?

I have a lot of interest in green vehicles (environmentally friendly vehicles), but i’m stuck in trying to find a specific research question that i can pursure about the topic. Can anyone help me?


Was the California Air Resources Board (CARB) correct in pursuing Hydrogen powered vehicles over the already viable Battery Powered Vehicles?

Discuss the long term benefits of hydrogen fuel cell technology, in the automobile but also in the home when the car is parked. Also discuss their downfalls, only 150 miles per full tank, Explosive gas on-board, as well as their overall cost.

Then discuss the Battery powered vehicles at the time. (1995 ish) Compared to now.
from 60 miles per charge to 200+miles per charge. Tesla roadster!
The environmental issues in the design and scrapping of these cars and battery’s. Look at what google plans to do with the plug in hybrid! (in the news a week or 2 ago)
Will this eliminate the hydrogen engine?
How much energy is consumed from the making of the hydrogen?
There is really loads to discuss!!
You should watch who killed the electric car for some data but be sure to do some good research of your own.

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