Your Questions About Solar Power Backup

Your Questions About Solar Power Backup

How do I power a ps3 with batteries?

I’ve asked some questions specifying what kid of batteries I would need, but I still don’t get it. So I’m just gonna ask how to do it. A link twosome kind of tutorial or a detailed description would be nice.

with a backup power supply (made to protect your PC) that has a power capacity
of 865 Watts / 1500 VA you could potentially run your PS3 for 87 minutes. Theses things are upward of $200 and are not made to sustain usage just let you save and shutdown properly. In other words you can’t run a PS3 off a battery unless you have some of those batteries made for collecting wind turbine or solar power, in which case you would prolly have a wind turbine or solar panel and wouldn’t be asking this question. The only way to power your PS3 is one of those things what are they outlets? yeah outlets. I usually see them on walls, maybe you could try to find one of those instead.

insert: high capacitance wind turbine and solar panel batteries are connected to a house’s circuit therefore if you had one you would still use the outlet… just so we’re clear

3000 Watt Power Inverter – Built-in Charger and Transfer Switch – Royal Power – (PIC-3000)

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